Healthy and tasty – the perfect recipe for roast saddle of venison

All pictures are from the last Christmas dinner that I prepared for my family

Zur deutschen Version diese Artikels gehts hier

Industrially fed goose – not on my table!

I love fresh and healthy meat, especially game. Since a few years ago I have been the designated cook for family Christmas dinners. I used to cook goose that I bought from a local farmer, so to say happy goose that had a nice live before landing on my kitchen table. Two years ago I was too late with my order at the local farm and I could not get any other happy goose.

Buying industrial produced goose was never an option. The ones that are bred in usually Eastern Europe and fed every day by “[…] using a funnel fitted with a long tube (20–30 cm long), which forces the feed into the animal’s esophagus […] by a pneumatic pump.”

Venison from local hunter – healthy, tasty and environmental friendly

So instead I switched to venison. I bought two roast saddles of venison from a local hunter. I myself am a hunter and instead of the sometimes spread misperception of hunters being people who love killing, hunters really love nature and animals and are necessary for the ecosystem, at least in most parts of Germany. Roe deer, red deer and boar don’t have natural enemies and if their populations are not kept within a reasonable limit, it has many serious consequences, e.g.:

  1. Animal disease spread and game has to suffer
  2. The forest dies because the too huge populations of deer feed on the saplings
  3. Farmers will suffer serious damage to their crops as deer and boar feed on it

So hunting is necessary and I encourage everyone to buy meat from your local hunter and try it out. The meat is half the price compared to supermarkets, is fresh and definitely from free, happy wild living game.

Preparation of my perfect roast saddle of venison in pictures

I basically followed this recipe (I did not find a proper English version, so used google translate to translate a good German recipe into English)

The meal consisted of:

The roast saddles of venison (raw and done)


Home made sauce, made of the bones of the venison and greens


Caramelized chestnuts


Red cabbage with apple


Handmade bread dumplings

And this was the delicious result:

For questions or comments please post on this blog, I will respond quickly!



2 Responses to “Healthy and tasty – the perfect recipe for roast saddle of venison”

  1. 1 Venison October 20, 2011 at 3:43 am

    A very interesting recipe, we would love to feature this on our website or our blog. If you are interested in guest posting to our site or if we can use your recipe, please let us know!

    • 2 Guerson October 20, 2011 at 10:52 am

      I just send you an email! 🙂

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